written by: John

Okay, now for a little prognostic fun… I want it to be known that I do no consider myself to be psychic but sometimes intuitive.

If you have your own prediction, mail them in and we will post them.

Election Predictions:

  1. Well I had predicted some time ago that something would stop the elections from happening but here it is to prove me wrong. I do however believe there is still time for something to happen on this front as the actual Electoral Votes aren’t cast until December 10.
  2. There will be riots no matter who wins the race on election day. I am not racist at all but what I AM is NOT an optimist when it comes down to basic human nature. Just look at the lines this election has drawn between people. There is quite a bit at stake here and both parties are offering up historical firsts. The air is rife with tension and there is only a few ways to relieve it. That brings me to my next prediction.
  3. Regardless of who wins tonights race, there is going to be an uproar of voter fraud/tampering. It has already started with the likes of Acorn and supposed errant voting machines reverting votes for one party to the other. Charges are going to be filed, lawyers are going to be let off their leash. It will be anarachy! I wouldn’t be shocked when a commitee is formed to investigate both parties possibly leading to a delayed presidency.
  4. They will not be able to offically announce the winner of the election day race within a day, possibly even stretching to a week or more. Depends on if prediction #3 happens.
  5. If any of the above happens it might mean an extension in the Presidential Office for Bush. An election freeze has never happened before but if history can teach us one thing its that the impossible is quite often possible.
  6. New presidents aren’t sworn in until January 20th, so that leaves plenty of time for things to fall apart at the seams. Will they? I am afraid so, but I hope I am wrong. Will we go to war with Iran? Will one of the president elect become ineligible? I can’t say specifically as I see many possibilities. If you have been following this 1+ year race then you know almost anything can happen.
  7. The next year is going to see more race on race crime, especially after the tense climate of this presidential race. Most will be chalked up to entitlement or lack of. The Black Panthers have already dug there fingers in. Read about it here.
  8. Within the next year we may be seeing a new president or some other political upheaval. Scary times ahead.

These next few are predictions for the year 2009:

  1. Gas prices will begin to raise weeks after the election and continue to go up through out the new year possibly leading to an oil crisis.
  2. There is going to be an international incident or another attack on U.S. soil. Russia and Iran both come to mind immediately.
  3. Stock market will reach new lows and drawing closer or perhaps hitting bottom. Also be on the look out for more countries going bankrupt.
  4. More banks will begin to fail because the banks that get bought by the bailout will horde the money instead of lending.
  5. The economy and lending will not rebound as assumed by the bailout. This will begin a brand new panic creeping into the credit sector. The dollar will fail or reach new worthless lows.
  6. More bail outs are going to be passed or proposed in an effort to shore up the badly leaking economy that the original bail out package failed to do.

Thats about it for now… Let me know what you think.