Gold is at one of it’s highest levels and experts say it could reach $2,000 an ounce, with the Depreciation of paper money.

Silver, is at an all time high, and levels of $50 an ounce are not that far down the road.

Oil hit $108, this is the highest level since 2008, and the price does not seem to be slowing on rate increase.

Gas across the country is on the rise, and with the summer blend of gas which cost more to refine, watch out!

What else is on the rise, while these investments are on the rise, so are your everday prices of things, from food to clothing to utilities.

The job market “appears” to be turning around, at a critical point in this inflation and gas prices.  If these are real unemployment numbers, and Not just counting the people on unemployment, then families will need these jobs just to pay for gas and the rise in prices.

Something else that is going to hurt is the rise in Taxes.  Maybe not income taxes, but local and state sales taxes, property, and so on.  Some taxes are now called fee’s and other cleaver names.

My suggestion, Pay off as much Credit as you can!

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