Visalus just released a new Drink product in Miami called Vi-Defy. ViDefy is an Antioxidant drink with the highest total ORAC score. The Super Fruit Drink Mix is Berry Blast Flavor. Some Places to get this is


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Hey Everyone,

I am sure you have heard about the 90 day Challenge.  This is taking off like wildifre, because of social networking.  I am excited to tell you I have benn doing the 90 Day Challenge here in Wichita for 8 days, and I have lost 11 Pounds so far.  These Shakes are so dang yummy and so good for you.  Want to try them for FREE?  Hit me up for a time and place for a tasting challenge party in the Kansas area, or anywhere in the USA or Canada.   Check out the 4 Videos at

Remember watch all 4 videos, get some friends take the Challenge.

THe shakes are only $99 a MONTH, that is 2 shakes a day for 30 days.

Get 3 friends to join with or after you and yours are FREE.


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Serious Hurricane Preparation Suggestion: If you have tupperware, or any similar containers, fill them with clean water and freeze them. Then fill all open areas of your refrigerator and freezer with these frozen containers. This will significantly lengthen the time your refrigerator maintains a safe cold temperature, should you lose power. Use clean water, so that if things get really bad, you also have extra drinking water too.

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So… the film Sucker Punch, written and directed by Zack Snyder, seems to be getting quite a bit of negative feedback.  The general consensus amongst these opinions range from, “There is no story.” or that,“It was confusing and didn’t make sense” to people up in arms about its depiction of women, sex, and violence. When I hear these things all I can say is, “Did they just watch the same movie I did?”

So if you haven’t seen the movie and don’t want any spoilers, read no further. So let us start from the beginning… or is it?

The movie starts out with Sweet Pea narrating the opening sequence where we are introduced to Baby Doll. If you listened to what she is saying she tells you exactly what is going on.

“Everyone has an angel, a guardian who watches over us. We can’t know what form they’ll take.  One day old man, next day… little girl. But don’t let appearances fool you; they can be as fierce as any dragon.  Yet they’re not here to fight our battles,but to whisper from our heart. Reminding that it’s us… it is everyone one of us who holds the power over the worlds that we create. “

We then see a quick succession of scenes, MTV style, that shows the birth of Baby Doll set to the aptly chosen “Sweet Dreams”. (When watching the movie again, listen to the words of the songs. They are telling you more about the scenes you’re watching than the scenes themselves.) When Baby Doll is finally completed or transformed, Sweet Pea ends the intro with these words.

“We can deny our angels exist.  Convince ourselves they can’t be real… but they show up anyway.  At strange places…  and at strange times. They can speak through any character we can imagine. They’ll shout through demons if they have to. Daring us… challenging us to fight. “

If you have to, reread that again and think about what she is saying. With this in mind it is time for our first revelation. It isn’t in your face or hand feed to you. The picture is painted in broad strokes and it is up to you to discover the meaning. And that is… Baby Doll is Sweet Pea, a creation born from the horror that is her life. A champion who is able to do the things she is can not.

SweetPea has suffered real trauma at the hands of a family member, much the same way we see Baby Doll experience, and in light of what I have just said, displays classic symptoms of someone suffering from Dissociative Disorder. Someone with dissociative disorder escapes reality in ways that are involuntary and unhealthy. Symptoms range from amnesia to alternate identities (Rocket,Blonde, Amber, etc.) and develop as a reaction to trauma.

I believe much of what we are seeing as Baby Doll enters the asylum are memories of Sweet Peas. Memories of her own arrival as we witness in the theater when the men are planning Baby Dolls (Sweet Peas) demise. She is watching Baby Doll as her eyes are filled with knowing tears as she relives the event. She is too far away to know what is happening to Baby Doll or to hear what she hears, but she seems to all the same. As an extra treat, the stage set of the bedroom SweetPea is sitting in is a close match to the very same one we first saw Baby Doll in earlier. That is not coincidence.

As sheis about to be lobotomized we take a hard left, fully into a world that has been created by Sweet Pea.  All the girls are sexy and for a reason. It wasn’t the director’s intent to have hot girls for the sake of hot girls. Well maybe a little. But if you paid attention up to this point you will see there’s a heavy male presence and not a favorable presence. All the men are evil and it is how men view women. I mean just look at the world around us and tell me I’m lying. Today women are no less objectified than they were 50 or 100 years ago.

Some people seem to have a real problem when Baby Doll dances and we are transported to the fantasy realm. To me it is perfect. This is where Sweet Pea has to go to fight her demons and conquer them if she has any hope of escaping or changing her path. After all, she is the only one who did.

And Sweet Peas final narration, as she drives off into the sunset, is direct commentary on the world and society that WE have chosen to live in and what we should do about it:

“Who honors those we love for the very life we live? Who sends monsters to kill us…and at the same time sings that we will never die? Who teaches us what is real…and how to laugh at lies? Who decides why we live and what we’ll die to defend?Who chains us? And who holds the key that can set us free? It’s you. You have all the weapons you need. Now Fight!”

I think I have given enough for you to chew on. What I have written here only scratches the surface of everything that Sucker Punch represents. There are deeper levels we could go to but those are for you to discover. And if you don’t believe anything I have just said, revisit Baby Dolls last words before she sets SweetPea free. She tells Sweet Pea, “This was never my story, it was yours.”


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Key West, Florida is a Awesome Vacation Spot.  I have been several times, and I have still not seen all the attractions this Island has to offer.
Some of my favoriate things are Deep Sea Fishing, Local Resturants, Local bars, History and tours.
There is a new site that is offering FREE advertising while the site is built.
Check the site for Fun Activities to do while on family vacation in KeyWest Florida.
Key West, FL  is a Fun packed little island with many Ocean Activities.
Hunt for lost Treasure to Dolphins.

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So when I tried to watch my netflix on my ps3 after the sony system was back online I ran into a few problems.

First You have to Reset your online PS3 account by having the password and reset email sent to your email.

After you have completed that, and you can sign onto the sony PS3 netowrk, you are Ready to do a Netflix reset.

When I tried to watch netflix, it would ask me to sign up, and wanted credit card info, here is the fix for this.

Make sure the Netflix application is Closed.

Have the netflix Icon highlighted, as soon as you press X to select netflix

IMMEDIATELY PRESS and HOLD the Start Button and the Select Button.

Continue to hold these two buttons down until netflix ask you if you want to reset you account.

Select YES

Then you will be able to enter your username and password.

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Gold is at one of it’s highest levels and experts say it could reach $2,000 an ounce, with the Depreciation of paper money.

Silver, is at an all time high, and levels of $50 an ounce are not that far down the road.

Oil hit $108, this is the highest level since 2008, and the price does not seem to be slowing on rate increase.

Gas across the country is on the rise, and with the summer blend of gas which cost more to refine, watch out!

What else is on the rise, while these investments are on the rise, so are your everday prices of things, from food to clothing to utilities.

The job market “appears” to be turning around, at a critical point in this inflation and gas prices.  If these are real unemployment numbers, and Not just counting the people on unemployment, then families will need these jobs just to pay for gas and the rise in prices.

Something else that is going to hurt is the rise in Taxes.  Maybe not income taxes, but local and state sales taxes, property, and so on.  Some taxes are now called fee’s and other cleaver names.

My suggestion, Pay off as much Credit as you can!

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This Yummy Men only Steak & all the beer you can drink is the best for the money.
I will write more soon, just wanted to get the first website running.

This is to raise money for a good time, great guys night out event.

Mulvane Steak Feed

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Cute English Bulldog Pups. AKC Registered! For Sale!

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AKC Registered English Bulldog Bullies.  These puppies were born on 03 Dec 2010, they will be ready 28 Jan 2011, just in time for Valentines day.

Use that tax return to buy your loved one, spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or anyone you love the one unique gift they will love.

Puppies can be shipped, picked up or delivered.

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